Phone:Cell:  (956) 340-2822
Shop: (956) 213-0680
Contact: Lutz Blume
Address: 6620 S. 33rd. St. Bldg. J, Docks 4/5 McAllen, TX. 78503


a). Priority Tooling Solutions is a cutting-edge facility established conveniently along the US-Canada-Mexico border. Our Texas facility gives the opportunity to import/export to and from our shop to provide a wide range of manufacturing services to our customers. Often working with local inventors to create projects that span the entire spectrum- including product development, enginerering, mold manufacturing, inspection, production, and more.

b). BSI-ISO 9001 Certified

c). Equipped with CAD, CAM, CNC’s, EDM’s, Manual machines, laser welder, heat treating furnace, quality inspection equpment, and more.